Investment Portfolios

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We offer several investment portfolios, customized to meet the client’s current and long-term investment objectives. The following is a list of our primary Portfolios, and the investment types of which they are comprised.



Legacy Equity Portfolio – This portfolio model includes stocks, bonds, and cash/cash alternatives. It features closed-end mutual funds, individual stocks, special situation securities, and other opportunistic investments. This has been our core equity management program since our inception in 1999.

Concentrated Value Portfolio – This portfolio includes 15 to 20 individual stocks at any given time. The goal is to buy company stocks that we understand very deeply, and at prices that are cheap relative to their future earnings. Stocks will be sold once they achieve prices that more fully reflect a fair value of their earning power. Strict buy and sell target prices are utilized.

Large Cap Growth Portfolio – This portfolio is highly diversified and contains stocks of companies in industries that are growing in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. Most are companies with little or no debt, and have a history of many years of profitable growth. This portfolio is sub-advised by one of our affiliated firms, The Investment House, headquartered in Los Angeles.

Equity Income Portfolio – This portfolio model includes primarily large company stocks which are paying dividends at a much higher rate than the overall stock market. These stocks currently pay dividends greater than 4% annually (more than twice as much as the current “average” large company dividend).



United States Government Fixed Income Portfolio – This ultra-conservative portfolio features a variety of direct obligations of the federal government and issues with the moral obligation of the U.S. Government. A variety of maturities and issuers are utilized depending on cash flow needs and risk tolerance.

MLP Income Portfolio – This portfolio contains publicly-traded Master Limited Partnership (MLP) companies, mostly energy related, currently paying dividends of approximately 6% annually. Some portions of these dividends are tax-advantaged.

Corporate Income Portfolio – This taxable bond portfolio model includes individual corporate bonds of companies with strong balance sheets and high credit ratings. Current interest rates are low in this model.

Equity Income Portfolio – This taxable stock portfolio model includes individual stocks with higher credit ratings and of a “blue chip” nature.

High-Yield Income Portfolio – This taxable bond portfolio model includes individual corporate bonds of companies with lower credit ratings and higher yields. Our research in this area is intended to find higher yields from corporate bonds of higher risk, but which we feel are likely NOT to default.

Municipal Income Portfolio – This federal and state tax-free (depending on the client’s state of residence) bond portfolio model includes defensive individual municipal bond holdings to provide for current and future cash flow needs and preservation of capital.


GSG Custom Asset Allocation – We can combine some or all of the above investment types, to tailor an investment portfolio to meet the needs of any client. We would be happy to provide you with information regarding risk/yield models.