Our Philosophy

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We believe that successful investing, at its core, is the result of two key skills–analysis and judgment. Both are critical to long-term success, yet we believe rational judgment to be the most important of the two. As Warren Buffett states, “Successful investing is simple, but not easy.”

When we first meet with a client, we begin with a Personal Financial Analysis. We ask detailed questions that help us understand the client’s current financial situation, as well as his or her future financial goals. An important part of this dialogue is getting to know the client on the whole, developing a more in depth understanding of the client’s perspective and needs.

After this initial in-depth analysis, our next step is to share our current view of the economic and investment landscape. From this discussion, we are able to come together with our clients to undertake a near- to medium-term investment plan consistent with client goals and our current outlook.

At GSG Capital Advisors we are NOT market-timers. Rather, we rely on our overall analysis of, and feelings about, the current and future economic outlook. This allows us to recommend investment exposure and asset allocation plans with which we and our clients can be comfortable.

Within any of the investment programs that we offer, we are constantly scouring the investment universe for undervalued assets and opportunities where our expected return is very attractive in comparison to our calculation of risks.